The Next Wave in Organizational Design.

We believe in creating sustainable structures that allow an organization to continue to reflect, become more self-aware, and grow and thrive over time. We help businesses identify, engage and sustain their creative edge, resulting in continuously realized potential, performance and profitability. 

Systems Perspective:

We design sustainable solutions by looking at you, your team and the structure of your organization as parts of a  greater whole.  

Process Perspective:

We help organizations unleash their potential by continually moving through a cycle of reflection, insights, design, implementation, and follow-through.

Results Perspective:

We are responsive to your business needs; our collaborations employ effective tools and frameworks as they are best aligned with your goals and core vision.

Find the hidden harmonies in your organization.

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Breakthrough Ideas & Insights...

We share business perspectives and strategies that have been shaped from personal experiences, longstanding traditions and ideas to advance learning, from Jazz to Tai Chi to how to find joy in our work.