What We Do

Our management consulting services include:

In order to get substantially different results from your design initiatives, new methods and tools are required, as well as the ability to learn to use the ones you have more effectively.  

Our approach, from high-level strategy and organizational design to implementation reflects our unique understanding of how your group can break through to the next level of growth and possibility. 

There are multiple gateways into breakthrough organizational performance.  Each leads to a better understanding of how each part contributes to the whole system thriving:

Organizational Design

Insight to Action collaborates with leaders in the executive suite or at the top of functional organizations to identify the structures, patterns, and behaviors that lead to wasted effort, high levels of stress, and suboptimal results.  We offer senior practitioners world class insight, analysis, and design that go well beyond typical organization realignments.  Your governance and decision-making structures should reflect the purpose and mission of the organization.  Insight To Action shows you how.  We provide assessments of the root causes of dysfunctions that exist in the organization by employing relevant resources from an extensive and eclectic collection of tools, frameworks and approaches. 


Insight to Action guides you through building a template for shifting the organization to a completely different level of capability. The end result is an organization that is not only more effective and ultimately more profitable,  but also now has the ongoing potential to suffuse the organization with energy, creativity and joy.  We have an easy to follow path to building robust strategies which can be implemented and achieved, and not modified at the beginning of each business cycle. 

Personal, Team and Organizational Development

Insight To Action is different from other consulting partners you've worked with, because we know that there is an interdependent relationship between the ability of your people to grow and the ability of your organization to grow.  Shifts in the organizational strategy and structure require reflection, inquiry, courage and vulnerability on everyone's part in order to succeed, and in turn, your people will not behave differently if the structure continues to reward the same things it always has.  We work closely with you to make sure these two dimensions - organizational structure and personal growth - coevolve in your organization. 

Coaching and Mentoring:  

Whether you or members of your team are new in their positions, or if you desire guidance in implementing and sustaining new patterns and structures of behavior to support the new organizational design, we offer ongoing Coaching and Mentoring. This may occur within the context of a larger engagement, as a pathway to quickly create meaningful differences in the organizational dynamic, or as a standalone engagement to help specific individuals overcome the personal traps that are holding them back from achieving their full potential in the workplace. 

Partner with us to achieve a new level of capability and lasting results.

Insight to Action

Expect collaboration, insight, deep listening, and true responsiveness throughout the consulting process. 

As we work with you to identify your unique requirements, we will create a staged plan of action where you can see, feel, and measure the results as we progress through the stages of growth. Every engagement is different, and we will make sure yours provides the precise help you are looking for. 


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