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Recommended Colleagues

We work with a number of people and organizations that have moved and inspired us over the years, and whose values and practices complement our own. Here are just a few:

STIA + Temenos

This group is one of the successors to Pegasus Communications, and curates a series of in-person and online conferences and seminars collectively called STIA+ (you may have known their predecessors as Systems Thinking in Action).  The conferences are unique gatherings of like-minded thinkers, doers, and dreamers; I am on the board of STIA+ and co-lead the conferences.

Here is a Pecha Kucha (20 slides/20 seconds each) talk I gave at the most recent conference in Seattle. It is based on the wonderful children's book "Zoom" by Istvan Banyai.  

Inquiry Institute

The organization founded by Marilee Adams, author of the important book Change Your Questions, Change Your Life.  I work closely with Marilee on a number of projects and am on the advisory board of the Institute.  Marilee's work including Question Thinking and Learner Mindset, are important contributions to any organization looking to fundamentally change the culture and working environment.

Learning as Leadership

I have been participating in personal growth intensives for most of my adult life, so I was stunned to experience more personal breakthroughs and insights in a single seminar with LaL than I had done in any previous workshop.  No one understands the complex system of ego defenses that prevent us from being fully present at work as well as the folks at LaL,  and their toolset for documenting and untangling those defenses is unique, powerful and accessible.