About Jeremy Seligman

“I believe that there is a sweet spot in every organization at which structure and process meet with personal awareness, creativity and joy to create a point of emergence where business results and individual fulfillment are fully merged.” -Jeremy Seligman

Jeremy Seligman, MBA

Jeremy Seligman, MBA

I founded Insight To Action in response to what I witnessed in my career within large organizations: unnecessary and heartbreaking levels of fear, anxiety, and doubt pervading the workplace.  

I now dedicate my work to minimizing this suffering by working with senior leaders who know there is a better way and are looking for a partner to help them get there. 

Sure, there are successful, profitable, joyful, nourishing places to work, and we're learning more about them and how they have accomplished this every day.  But if you are reading this, you're probably not working for one of them.  

If you believe that your organization could be a profitable, efficient, and effective place to work as well as a place of personal fulfillment, joy, and learning, then let's talk about how we can help.

My background and why we should partner.

Over a three decade career, I have served in diverse roles including CIO of a Fortune 500 telecom, Director of Global Strategy and Organizational Development for Ford Motor Company IT, and C-Level officer of a growing privately held company.

My global experience entails working with groups in both corporate and educational settings and has afforded me the opportunity to achieve a level of mastery across an extensive set of frameworks, approaches and tools to bring sustainable transformation to the organizations I have led or supported. 

Jeremy Seligman

As a senior leader I have worked with the leaders in many of these disciplines, and held leadership positions in organizations dedicated to their cultivation. These have included Jay Ogilvy, one of the fathers of Scenario Planning, David Isaacs, a leader in the Dialogue Process,  Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline and an internationally recognized leader in Organizational Learning, David Cooperrider, creator of Appreciative Inquiry, among many others. 

I have chaired or served on the board of some of these organizations, including the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL), and Pegasus Communications and its successor, STIA+. 

I have been invited as a senior thought leader to speak at the Systems Dynamics Society, the London School of Economics, the World Business Forum, MIT, Gartner Group, Meta Group, Ninth House, and other forums. 

I am an experienced coach and mentor, and see every group I work with as unique and capable of breakthrough insight and growth.

Jeremy Seligman

Whatever the role or size of the company, whatever the organization within the company, my passion has always been creating  conditions for people in those organizations to thrive and to experience joy and satisfaction in their work. This is a pathway to better results for the organization.  

Learn more about how I help to design solutions that will be accepted, implemented, and sustained by your organization, here.

Speaking Engagements

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