About Our Unique Approach

Change initiatives rarely if ever work the way they were intended.

  • Strategy sessions rarely result in bold new strategies
  • Strategies, once agreed upon, are rarely implemented successfully
  • Organizational realignment rarely addresses the core dysfunction of the organization
  • “People Development” programs rarely change the way the organization functions

Instead, organizations find themselves months and years down the line with employees who are resigned and cynical,  and who have developed strong immune systems to change initiatives.

Move from Insight To Action To Results.

So what is different about Insight To Action’s approach to organizational design and development?  There are many aspects to our work that  differ from others that you have previously encountered.  

Three principles are core to our approach:


Our approach to personal development. 

First and foremost, we have realized through much experience that organizations and their people develop and grow together. Changing your organization’s structure and strategy and expecting the team to come along generates resistance, fear, and counterproductive behavior. Reciprocally,  encouraging openness and vulnerability without creating a safe, trustworthy environment leaves the organization much worse off than it started.  Insight To Action combines a deep understanding of the way people and groups behave in organizational settings (and outside of them) with the ability to help you shape your organizational structure and culture to make the most of the talent and passion waiting to be unlocked




Our approach to organizational design. 

We understand that organizations are complex, dynamic structures, and that oversimplifying problems and solutions does not work.  In fact, we start from the belief that many of the problems plaguing organizations today proceed from treating complex and nuanced problems as though they were simple and straightforward.  If you ever hear anyone in your organization say, “It all comes down to one thing”,  give us a call immediately!  We design solutions that are complex enough to meet the challenges presented, without losing clarity, focus, or direction.  We help you rise to the complexity of your business environment through a systemic thinking approach that does not discard key elements of the problem. 


Putting it together. 

And finally,  why do we call ourselves “Insight To Action”?  While we believe in appropriate risk and conducting experiments constantly,  these should be grounded always in understanding.  But the understanding we are speaking of here is not primarily the understanding of the external situation you are confronting.  We are talking about you:  your perspective, your filters, your fears,  all of which hold you back from seeing the problems clearly,  and understanding your role in them.   Your insight leads to wise action.  Without this necessary step, you risk seeing the change as “out there” and not effecting all of those within the system, including yourself. 

About Us:

Insight to Action seeks to redefine how organizations achieve sustainable business solutions by offering distinctive strategies and solutions.

Our framework enables organizations to unlock their unrealized potential by fully integrating large scale organizational change work with personal and group developmental breakthroughs. 

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