Our Mission:

Insight To Action is a source of rapid evolution for your team and your organization. Orchestrating the optimal balance of large-scale structural change coupled with individual and group insight and development, we succeed when you are better able to achieve your mission.  

Why We created Insight To Action:

With more than thirty years in the business world I have witnessed countless organizational interventions.

They have taken many forms over the years:  Business Process Reengineering,  Quality, Rightsizing, Six Sigma, Leadership Development,  Strategic Planning - the list goes on. I have been on every side of these transactions as a corporate employee, senior executive sponsoring these initiatives, and delivering the work as an internal and external consultant.  

And while all of these methodologies have delivered measurable results at various times, the sum total of their long-term impact on the organizational landscape has been limited in relation to the outpouring of time and resources allocated to them.   

It is heartbreaking to see the waste of money, time, resources, and the human spirit that has accompanied many of these initiatives; strategies are disregarded, initiatives fizzle out after an initial burst of enthusiasm, and lack of understanding creates resistance and dysfunctional behavior.  

Synthesizing my own experience and using the best of the frameworks, tools and approaches, I have developed a singular approach to organizational transformation.  

If it is possible to summarize the root cause of the underperformance of change initiatives, it is that large scale organizational change without understanding how to engage the people in the organization in their own development and self-awareness will rarely succeed.  

An organization is the creation of the minds, hearts, and spirits of the people who inhabit it.  If you want your organization to evolve,  you and your people must evolve as well.  

This is the key to organizational growth, and it is that understanding that differentiates Insight To Action from other strategic partners you may have worked with before now.  We will show you the path to significant and sustainable growth and development for you and your organization. 

In sync with our mission and purpose? If so then we encourage you to discover what makes us different.